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Psychology of Colors - The Bathroom

Psychology of Colors - The Bathroom

Trying to figure out the psychology of the bathroom is a delicate subject. The processes that go on in there are very private. However there are a few key elements you want to reinfoirce in a bathroom that deal with less specific functions. You want comfort, you want relaxation, and if you can, you want beauty. Different colors can help you to achieve these goals in different way

The most common bathroom color is white. White is simple and elegant. White also shows dirt very easily, which, may make it easier to keep the bathroom spotless; you’ll always know where the dirt is. One of the interesting aspects of white is that it reflects heat, meaning on those cold winter mornings there is no color colder then white to have in a bathroom. Black is quite the opposite. It will hide most dirt, and it absorbs heat. The problem with black is that it tends to make things seem smaller, and the bathroom is usually already small.

Green is a popular color that invigorates people’s bodies and gives rest to their minds. It is reminiscent of nature. A dark green in a bathroom will give a sense of being in the depths of the forest.

Blue is the most popular color in America and it has an even deeper relaxing effect then green. Using blue in the bathroom in different shades will evoke calm in its occupants. Blue makes people think about oceans and water, which may make it the perfect match for a bathrooms décor.

If you wake up early and take a shower, you may not want your bathroom to relax you. Many people feel they need a jolt in the morning. For this, a derivative of red is perfect. Red causes our bodies to react aggressively, and makes our metabolism increase. While bright red may a bit extreme for most bathrooms, using a soft version of this color could give you a slight boost of energy in the morning. It will, however, also make midnight bathroom runs less easy to fall back asleep from.

There are unlimited shades of each color above, and they don’t affect everyone the same. Mix, match, and experiment before making any permanent decisions. You have all of the taste you need; you just have to get in tune with whom and what you really are.

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