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Home Decorating For the Single Guy (Who Wants to Get Laid!)

Home Decorating For the Single Guy (Who Wants to Get Laid!)

When you are a single guy, there are certain impressions that you want to give off. You want people to think of you as strong, sophisticated, successful, stylish, and savvy. Creating such a perception of yourself, requires taking a critical look at every aspect of your life, and determining what these various components are saying. Your home, being one of the more intimate parts of your world, is a reflection of who you are on a deep level. Although relatively few people in your day to day life will ever actually see it from the inside, those who do will form a very deep impression of you from what it contains.

That is why it is important to have a strategy when developing the interior of your home. You want this space to work for you, not against you, and to help you create exactly the response in visitors that you desire. Often this will require going against more childish wish fulfillment impulses, however the benefit will be a home and life which you can be proud to show off.
Boys & Toys

In general, guys love gadgets. A gadget can be anything from a sleek big screen plasma television, to a bunch of crudely networked servers running through a router. Determining which electronics are tasteful in which settings, is a matter of style and balance.

Try to make high tech products flow seamlessly with the purpose of any room into which they are placed. While it might be cool to put a flat screen TV in your bathroom, a stereo system and ambient lighting would be more consistent with the purpose of the space. Similarly, a computer might be garish in a living room, but is sophisticated in a library, study. You want to use a delicate touch here. Sometimes you have to give up something which is “cool” to create a room which is more enjoyable.

If you refuse to give up your toys, then you should at least invest in some attractive containers to hide, or display them. TV cabinets and armoires have doors on them that can hide your media away, and are available in almost every color and style. Entertainment centers offer a way of organizing all of your electronics into a single wall unit, and displaying them in an attractive way.

One simple thing most guys overlook when choosing electronics is that they are much more attractive if they are bought in matching pairs. If you are trying to put a new television into a room with a silver steel finish stereo, then you want to choose a model that has that same finish. Even if it costs a few more dollars, it is worth it for the added effect you will achieve.
A Romantic Abode

You don’t have to live in a perpetual date, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if an opportunity does arise. Take all of your romantic and intimate accessories, and store them in a box somewhere easy to get to. This can include candelabras with tapered candles, incense sticks, ambient mood lighting, a fancy tablecloth, and some emotionally insightful books to spread across your coffee table. If you suddenly find the girl of your dreams is coming over in 15 minutes, you will only need 10 to make your home an intimate retreat for two.

If you don’t have room for a full dining table, at least get a bistro table to place in the corner of the kitchen. In some ways these tiny tables provide even more intimacy than a full, formal dining set. You will also want to have a couch or loveseat where two people can sit together and get more comfortable.

If you can afford a fireplace, gas, electric, or natural, it can be one of the most romantic accessories you could possibly get. Place a big thick rug in front of it; add an iced Champaign bucket, two glasses, and you have the quintessential romantic moment, available whenever you like.  
Sports and Other Obsessions

Whether it be a hobby, an interest, or just the love of your favorite team, obsessions are not usually attractive. They demonstrate a lack of control that is immature at best. Of course you shouldn’t give up who you are just to look good to others, but there are ways to add subtle impressions, which usually have a more profound and always have a more positive impact, on people who notice them.

One example is instead of getting cheap garish football posters to plaster all over your living room, instead purchase a few tasteful pieces of signed memorabilia. A signed picture in a desk frame, a game ball encased in mantel glass, these are very powerful signs of your inner passion, that also makes you look classy and sophisticated.

If your obsession runs truly deep, there are some ways to incorporate your interest into a well decorated home. Instead of running out to buy every logo encrusted pillow and comforter set put out by the corporation, purchase traditional, unadorned accessories which contain the same team colors. In cases where colors have been made bright and extreme, a ploy often used in marketing, select tones which are more subdued, and are easier to fit into the pattern of your home.
Banish the Mess!

There is absolutely no reason why you should not keep things clean. A dirty home makes you look dirty, as well as disorganized, less successful and less competent. It is also the single biggest complaint women have about a single guy’s home.

Keeping things clean should be a simple matter of maintenance. Choose one day a week and do a light cleaning. This way, when an important event or a big date comes up, you can do a more thorough cleansing quicker, and easier.

If you have trouble with too much clutter, store your possessions away in boxes under your bed, or in closets. Keep the boxes organized and you will have easy access to anything which is inside of them. If you find that months and years go by without ever opening a box, consider dumping or donating it to make room for more boxes.
If all else fails you can always use a cleaning service. They have the ability to come in and do part of, or the entire home, and can be used for regular maintenance, or just before big events.

Home court advantage can be a benefit, but only if your home is working with you and not against you. It is important to develop an environment that casts you in an attractive light. This is done by adding to the setting elements such as balance, strength, and refinement, which you would like others to see in you.
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