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Eco-Friendly Home Redecorating

Eco-Friendly Home Redecorating

Global warming and greenhouse gases have been a hot topic of conversation throughout the last decade. While most people cannot influence the environment as heavily as major industrial companies do, many desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you are considering a “green” approach to decorating your home, read these practical tips.

Renovating the carpet or other floor covering is usually the first step in remodeling a room. Most synthetic carpet materials contain resins, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances. These chemicals increase the likelihood of health problems such as allergies and asthma. Carpets made of natural fibers such as wool or linen are much safer. Furthermore, most of these products use backing made of cotton or natural latex, which are healthier and safer to recycle than foam or rubber.

Another option can be even more appealing. Lose that old, stained carpeting and select natural hardwood floors instead. These floors can be finished with water-based, non-toxic stains or finishes that enhance the wood’s natural beauty. Moreover, hardwood, unlike carpeting and other flooring, does not increase a person’s risk of allergic reaction or contain potentially hazardous chemicals.

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Recycling old furniture is another excellent way to redecorate while remaining earth-friendly. Frequently, you can find great buys on vintage furniture at secondhand shops, flea markets, or garage sales. Usually, a fresh coat of milk paint or water-based stain will create unexpected treasures from someone’s old junk. Even if the furniture has been damaged beyond repair, the wood can frequently be reclaimed, and, with some tools, you can create interesting new pieces with a little time and effort.

A great way to dress up these unusual finds is to purchase pillows, throws, or cushions made of natural fibers. If you have a talent for sewing, you might try your hand at redesigning new, artistic furniture accessories from old draperies or other fabrics around the house. Frequently, you can also pick up a number of natural materials at auctions or even antique shops. Be creative, and use your imagination!

Many smaller craft stores and hobby artisans are using recycled materials to design home furnishings such as picture frames, blankets, and even vases. These articles are created from a wide variety of items such as bicycle tires, recycled glass, and even soda bottle materials. These interesting accessories provide useful furnishings that may also prove to be fascinating topics of conversation. In addition, recycling these items rescues a number of potentially useful items that otherwise might decay uselessly in a landfill.

If you are considering redecorating your home, and desire to be environmentally friendly, open your mind - and your imagination - to the endless possibilities offered by recycled and reclaimed treasures of days gone by. Resourcefulness is the key, and, if you are willing to work at it a little, you will be able to construct original, ingenious pieces of art to furnish your home. Your decorating skills will soon be the talk - and the envy - of all your friends!

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