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GFC Plus - Grandfather Clocks and Much Much More

GFC Plus - Grandfather Clocks and Much Much More

grandfather clock

Before I review this site, let me just give you a few statistics about their overwhelming inventory.

Wall Clocks – they carry 342 models including quartz clocks, round clocks, and keywound time pieces

Mantel Clocks – they currently carry 160 models

Tabletop Clocks – they carry 130 models including over 30 miniature clocks.

Grandfather Clocks – their pride and joy, they carry 238 models ranging from chain, to grandmother clocks, to cable designs.

Now they may not have everything in stock at all times, but I still wanted to add those statistics in to show what an overwhelming selection they actually have.

The first clock item that caught my eye was the brightly depicted Hemmingway Wooden Gear Clock that is right on their front page. Clicking around to their full catalog of wooden gear clocks reveals some of the most inspiring and delightful timepieces I have ever seen.

hemmingway wooden gear clocks

The Hemmingway Clock itself is carved from Mahogany and Cherry wood and consists of a series of richly intricate scrolling details. This piece just drew my eye in, tempting me to visually explore every feature in its richly crafted face. This piece is accompanied by a variety of other, exquisitely designed wooden gear timepieces, including Grandois clock by Landry, and the Shakespeare Limited Edition.

A little more exploration led me to the delightful miniatures section, which consists of a variety of itty bitty timepieces that are designed to sit on a table or in a row on a mantle. The miniature clocks are crafted in the shape of dollhouse furniture such as tiny gramophones, rocking chairs, and toy soldiers, with minute clocks worked into the pieces in clever ways. What a great way to add a little delight to your décor.

adoreable miniatures

The next thing that I noticed was that they have a very interesting collection of antique clocks. I was particularly taken by the Bird and Leaf Cuckoo by Hubert Herr, which features powerful and meaningful bird and leaf carvings in a gentle walnut finish. The nature of the bird characters and the feel of the piece had a dignified personality that spoke to my artistic spirit.

With such an overwhelming selection I only barely scratched the surface on my first visit. But that just means I get to go back and browse through their site again and again.

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