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Decorating With Beverage Coasters

Decorating With Beverage Coasters

Most peope don’t give a lot of thought to beverage coasters. Tiny pieces of optional décor, they don’t tend to be a dominant tool that is used when creating the decorative look of a room. However their small size and variety of styles allow you to create several interesting effects throughout your space.

One of the most important things your coasters will lend to a room are color. Just because they are small does not meen that they have to be dull, and most coasters are vibrant and exotic.

By using coasters, you can bring powerful or imposing colors into a space, without overwhelming it. Here their tiny size is actually a bonus because the effect you create with them needs to be subtle. The best part about using coasters for color, is that if you don’t like the way the space looks you can stack them up and put them in the closet, or exchange them for a different set in a better hue.

Another thing to consider is that your coasters don’t have to be all the same color. Using complimentary tones and scattering the pieces throughout a space allows you to create complex patterns that are not localized, but which naturally tend to encompass the entire area. However you want to be careful that the coasters actually do match, or you may end up with a space that feels “off” in a way you can’t quite figure out.

If you have a kitchen or dining table, you can leave coasters in place as part of the everyday arrangement. This makes it more likely that they will be used, and adds a little bit of interest to what can sometimes be a monotonouse area. Coasters that have a little weight can also be used to hold down a tablecloth when things get windy.

Ione of the great things about coaster decorating is that the components you are using are small and inexpensive. This means that if you get tired of the way they look in the space, you can simpy change them. You can even rotate your coasters in and out of the space depening on the seasonal effects you are trying to emulate.

Adding a coaster holder can make them an even more useful and attractive component. Stacked or standing, most holders display their coasters in a decorative way, making them an attractive accessory in and of themselves, that just happens to have a functional use.

To encourage their use, place them on the arms of chairs, and scatter them throughout the house. If you have problems with them falling to the floor and cracking, or getting lost, a little velcro should help to keep them stationary.

If you get the right kind of drink coaster, it can become a conversation piece in and of itself. You can get coasters with riddles, or funny sayings on them, or you can have pictures of your family printed onto ceramic coasters. If you are looking for something a little less “novelty” you can try naturally absorbent stone coasters.

Don’t overlook your beverage coasters, they are an incredibly useful tool for decorating, that you can utilize in a variety of ways. Small and generally inexpensive, it is easy to change the coasters you use around, rotating them in and out of a space depending on the season, and how you feel on a given day.  

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