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Decorating Kids Rooms with Platypus Productions

Decorating Kids Rooms with Platypus Productions

platypus pendulum clocks

Its rare that you come across a company that embodies the true spirit of American entrepreneurial ingenuity, but Platypus Productions, based out of Tabernacle, New Jersey manages to do this and much more.

Established in 1979, this company specializes in producing a wide range of fanciful and attractive decorative items out of hand crafted and carved natural wood. The pieces consist mostly of clocks; however they also have a delightful range of book ends, banks, and plaques.

The designs they produce have a distinctly innocent and carefree nature, and are obviously designed to be used in children’s spaces. They have clocks that are shaped like dinosaurs and turtles, colorful ducks and brightly toned fish, along with a variety of delightfully imaginative decorative pieces, carved in the likeness of a wide variety of playful characters.

They have a huge selection of pendulum clocks, which are broken up into boy’s designs, girl’s designs, and baby designs. The swinging pendulum of a brightly colored clock seams to me like a great way to stimulate an infants mind and imagination.

They also have these adorable grow sticks which are basically fanciful rulers which you hang on the wall, and use to measure your child’s growth as they age. Most people just use pencil marks on a door frame, or unsightly pieces of packing tape hung against the wall. These attractively decorated rulers are a much more stylish alternative to such measures.

grow sticks

I was also impressed by their collection of fanciful banks including both clear acrylic wall banks, which let children watch as their money pile grows, and photo banks which can be personalized with new pictures whenever you feel like it.

One of the coolest things about this company is that they are very willing to work with individual customers to create customized designs. For the most part if you see a clock that you want in another color, or personalized with a special message, they can handle the request without a problem. This lets customers become a part of the creative process, and take part in the development of their child’s decorative world.

Innovative, creative, and utterly fascinating to a designer such as me, Platypus Productions is definitely a company to keep track of.

round clocks

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