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Comfort and Style: Arched Window Treatments

Comfort and Style: Arched Window Treatments

arched windows

In the last few decades, architects have demonstrated their creativity with lovely arched or chapel windows. These windows, although attractive in appearance, often present a challenge to decorators. This is particularly true for windows that are positioned to allow sunlight to enter during the day. One elegant solution to this dilemma is arched window treatments.

Before these products were designed, homeowners had few options for regulating the amount of sunlight that filtered through arched windows. They could use window treatments such as drapes or valances that partially blocked sun rays, or they could use shutters that blocked light altogether.

One other alternative was to opt for fixed blinds, which permitted a set amount of sun to enter throughout the day. These blinds, typically covering only one-fourth to one-half of the window’s diameter, were not adjustable and could not fully block light rays if a person was sleeping or ill.

A recent alternative developed by creative designers is arched window treatments. These decorative items can be purchased in an array of fabrics and colors. Light-colored shades are perfect for lightening up a dark colored room, or for making small rooms seem airy and spacious.

Some are also available in patterned wood veneers. These wooden slats are slanted at an angle of 45 degrees, and are useful for permitting light to enter the room. Furthermore, they prevent heat from building up and making rooms warm and stuffy. Wooden blinds are ideally suited for the decoration of rooms with hardwood flooring. They also coordinate very effectively with rooms that feature antique wooden furniture.

Arched window treatments feature mechanisms for dialing the blind open or closed as much as the user prefers. In addition, some styles even feature motorized tracks that allow the homeowner to dial the shades with the touch of a button. This added touch is excellent for windows in high-ceilinged rooms. While manual cords can be difficult to maneuver, remote-controlled power shades can be opened or closed much more easily.

These window showpieces can be purchased in standard sizes. Usually, however, experienced companies can offer customers window treatments that fit windows of virtually any size or shape. In fact, these blinds have been purchased and used by satisfied customers for windows up to 12 feet tall!

Decorators can spend as much as they choose for custom-created arched window treatments. Prices start at around $70 for economical patterns and styles. Motorized shades, however, may cost up to $200 for each window.

Fortunately, however, these blinds are relatively easy to install and require little equipment or experience. If you are willing to hang them yourself, you can save as much as $50 per window.

If you have been trying to decide just how to cover those beautiful arched windows in your hall or living room, consider the wide range of possibilities offered by arched window treatments. Ease of installation and their elegant simplicity make these a superb option for even the novice home decorator. Don’t delay any longer – measure your windows and start shopping today for blinds that fit perfectly!

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