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Bedroom Decorating - Choosing a Purpose

Bedroom Decorating - Choosing a Purpose

bedroom decorating

Whether you are living in a small apartment or building that dream home, bedroom decoration is both a critical and potentially rewarding process. A bedroom is a more private place and should reflect its occupant’s inner personality. Besides being a place to sleep, relax, and enjoy intimate company, the bedroom is experienced differently than the rest of the home. At every stage of awareness from groggily listening to the chirping birds—or car horns—to being a private stage for rehearsal of important events, the bedroom acts as far more than a simple storage area for your dreaming body. Remembering this when deciding to decorate should help that creative spark regardless of individual style.

Function and fashion are a continuum much like time and space. Whether the bedroom is for the minimalist utilitarian or the space cadet, a good understanding of the desired function uncovers many ideas for how the bedroom is going to look and feel – and flow. Personalizing your bedroom will happen regardless—unless you happen to live in a hotel room—but understanding how the space is used can change what is acceptable into a comfort that really reenergizes, relaxes, or envelopes simply because it has been designed that way.

People who simply want to sleep in their bedroom should seek out uncluttered, open spaces with a few items that reflect their personality. Keeping things as simple as possible eliminates any distractions from rest. If the neighborhood—or even rest of the hose—is noisy, perhaps a few large paintings with some insulated backings to deaden the outside sounds.

On the other end of the spectrum, other people see their bedroom as a place of work, play, and sleep. Regardless if by choice or necessity, planning out how and when the bedroom becomes their lab, office, or playground can set up the style so that it really does change its feel throughout the day.

Besides the basics of picking colors, matching the linens, and choosing style of storage, there are quite a few things that can be done to increase a bedroom’s appeal. A good sense for the use of the space and an idea that the bedroom is meant for providing comfortable sleep both add a great deal to the decisions in style. Shaping space for its utility alone will leave a bedroom uninviting and anonymous and over stylized drama in decoration can interfere with its actual purpose. The balance between personality and purpose is a key element toward designing any bedroom.

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