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Basement Game Rooms

Basement Game Rooms

basement pool tables

For the most part, your basement is just extra space looking for a purpose. Why can’t that purpose be a little fun? Get some use out of that space by turning it into a game room where you can relax with family and friends and enjoy a little interactive entertainment.

Even in an unfinished basement a few of the right accessories can help you to give new life and purpose to the basement. The uncouth decorative nature of this subterranean space can actually be used to develop a dive decor, which plays up the fun of grunge. Compliment this with items such as neon signs, novelty paintings, and inexpensive felt carpets.

A game table gives the space a central purpose, and focuses attention away from decorative details. Use an overhanging billiard style light, such as the one below offered by our affiliate partner homofdecor to centralize this table, and create a wall of darkness around its focused light.

billiard lights

Other accessories such as a pool table, a foosball table, or a poker table can also be used to further your design. You can even go modern and install a media system with a video game console in this space. This is great for games such as dance dance revolution or wii which tend to require more room than traditional video games.

One of the great things about a game room is that your purpose is to develop the function of the space more than the decorative style. This means that you can pretty much put anything in there that you want.

However you do have to be mindful of flow considerations. Cluttering the basement with every useless toys and furnishing you can think of is a good way to ensure that it will never get any use. Instead, try to focus on just a few pieces that you truly love and enjoy.

Another great feature of having a game room in your basement is the way that it tends to foster social interactions. Most games require two or more players. Having a whole game room set up makes it easier to invite friends and family down to play a game with you. The mere fact that the space is available encourages these types of interactions, because the space is always available. This makes board games such as monopoly or risk, and even card games much easier and more hassle free.

However you8 have to keep some things in mind when setting up your basement game room. First, do you have a problem with flooding in this space? In many regions of the world basements are prone to occasional or regular flooding. If this is the case, you must take precautions against water damage whenever you put a furnishing in this space.

You should also be aware of any mold problems you may have in your basement. Mold and mildew often take hold in damp basements, and prolonged exposure to them can cause allergies and breathing problems.

Finally, you want to ensure that there is plenty of ventilation in this space. Since the basement is stuck in the ground, it is not always easy to get stale air out of the space. A small fan placed in a window or near the stairs can help with this. Luckily the same feature that stops air from flowing in and out, also prevents heat from getting in or out. That means that your basement game room will be cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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