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Basement Decorating Ideas - Basement Bars

Basement Decorating Ideas - Basement Bars

basement bars

What better way to make use of the often wasted space in your basement, than to turn it into a luxurious, full service bar?

Even if you have one of those rough, unfinished basements, that generally seams good for nothing except storage and clutter, you can integrate a bar in using a “dive decor”, complete with neon beer ads and humorous novelty signs.

One of the best things about a bar in your basement, is that this space has a natural climate control. Recessed in the ground, it is harder for heat to get into and out of the basement, making it easier to maintain a steady rate temperature. This means you can store liquor, wine, or other heat sensitive drinks in the basement, without having to worry about them spoiling on a hot summer day. It also makes it more comfortable to sit and have a sip in on a very hot or very cold day.

Please note, while the basement does control climate somewhat, your particular liquid may still need temperature control equipment such as a freezer to maintain their integrity.

Another benefit of putting a bar in your basement is that this room is relatively isolated from the rest of the house. This means you can relax, and have your drink in peace, with the noise and commotion of the rest of your life safely upstairs and out of mind.

You also have to bear in mind the safety factor. Driving to a bar to meet up with your friends means fighting with the weather and your own lack of motivation. If you have a bar in your basement, you can invite friends from the neighborhood to walk over to your house and enjoy it with you.

Then, at the end of the night when everyone is feeling tipsy, you don’t have to deal with the danger of drunk driving. Everyone can either stumble home, or crash in the basement.

Another note: if you are welcoming, and don’t mind drunk friends crashing at your place, buy a cheap cot from a second hand store, or even a little pump up mattress. On the other hand if you don’t want those loud snoring slobs slobbering in your house all night, you may just want to invest in a sheet and a small pillow, to discourage crashing.


Furnishing Your Bar

At totallyfurniture.com we found entire bar cabinets ranging in price from $450-$1500. Some of them, like the one pictured above, have built in game tables or poker tables. That one is only $500 on their site right now. When buying a bar cabinet, you always have to factor in the additional costs associated with it such as stocking it with liquor, and buying bar stools. Some bar stools can be as expensive as $500 each, so be sure to shop for everything all at once, in order to get a full understanding of how much you are going to pay.

While bar cabinets can be reasonably priced, not everyone can afford so elaborate a novelty, just to spruce up their basement. That’s why sometimes, a bistro table, or a bar table, with a couple of chairs can achieve a similar effect. Better for small contingents of 1, 2, or 3 friends at most, this affordable alternative still gives the basement a bar taste, without breaking the bank.


If you do go for a bistro table with chairs, you will want a coordinating wine rack, or liquor cabinet, to complete the set. Wine racks can be hung on walls or free standing, and liquor cabinets come in every shape and size.

A table, with a few chairs, set in a circle with a wine rack, over a nice accent rug, with overhead lighting creating a circle of illumination in one of those vast basement multi-rooms, sounds like a nice way to create an intimate, and comfortable bar in your basement.

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