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10 Easy Tips for Creating Your Dream Kitchen

10 Easy Tips for Creating Your Dream Kitchen

1. Visualize – Do everything you can to get an understanding of the room you are trying to design before you even lift your finger. Buy color swatches, then use paint samples to create larger color swatches on drywall. Flip through magazines, and clip pictures that match your own ideas. Use AutoCAD software or even simple graph paper to lay out the space and get an idea of the way it will flow.

2. Personalize – The kitchen is a room for creating culinary art. In this space it is important to have objects which inspire you and ignite your creativity. Personalized items such as art, heirlooms, or special displays go a long way towards making the space more comfortable for you, allowing you to relax your preconceptions and focus on the art of the chef.

3. Use The Walls – Standing surfaces such as tables and counters are important to the function of a kitchen and shouldn’t be taken up with decorative objects. Instead you should take to the walls; a relatively untouched canvas within the room, where you can create patterns and displays with all of your favorite kitchen décor.

4.  Mind Your Materials – The kitchen is a wet and often messy place. You have to be careful about the types of objects that you bring into this room. While art is wonderfully inspirational, delicate canvas might be in danger from boiling pots and messy splashes. Always be sure to encase delicate kitchen objects in protective glass enclosures.

You also have to be careful of surfaces and accessories in this room. While marble may be an elegant centerpiece in many kitchens, it is also one of the most difficult to maintain, and marble installations can quickly be ruined by the acidic sauces found in the kitchen, if regular care is not taken.

5. Make it Bright – It is essential that you have ample light in the kitchen. This will not only allow you to actually see what you are doing, but it will also help you to make important determinations about the relative health and freshness of your food materials. It will also help in identifying stains and messes, allowing you to keep a more sanitary space for your family.

6. Get Form From Function. – Your kitchen is going to be filled with the necessary cooking and serving utensils to make the space work. Why not make them beautiful, and use them as part of the room’s inherent décor. Choose matched sets of silverware, cutlery, and dishes, to tie the appearance of the space together.

7. Remember Purpose – It is important to determine what purpose you are going to use your kitchen for, before you start to decorate it. Is it going to primarily be a space for cooking, or is it going to also double as a dining room? Do you want it to be an isolated space for Zen like meditations on culinary steps, or would you prefer to have your family and friends feel welcome to come in and have a chat? By understanding what your kitchen is supposed to be doing, you will be able to more easily plan its decorative purpose. 

8. Make it Easy – Don’t get so caught up filling your kitchen with every clever and beautiful object you can find that you clutter up the space. Be certain to leave plenty of floor room for maneuvering into and out of the kitchen, and try to leave the majority of your counter and table surfaces clear for working. If you have an overabundance of appliances, try storing some away during less used months, like a blender in the winter. The purpose of décor is not to make life more difficult, but to make it easier and more beautiful.

9. Invite Your Friends and Family In – The kitchen is the core of the home, providing it with nourishment and warmth. Use this inviting nature to encourage connections with your friends and family. Have the kids come in and help you bake cookies, or throw a cooking party with a bunch of friends. It is already a naturally inviting area, so you might as well use at to entertain.

10. Change It – You are a living growing person who is constantly evolving in terms of style and taste. Don’t forget to let your kitchen reflect that, by changing things up every once in a while. You don’t even have to make major changes, just cycle in accessories and decorative pieces that inspire you every once in a while, and let the room slowly grow with you.

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